Pet Friendly

Murray Gardens

We Know They are Part of the family

Pets are completely welcome here at Murray Gardens so please let us know if you would like to bring along your furry friend so that we can allocate a pet friendly room. With regard to pets, we usually have a few details we would love to have a chat with you about.
kobi, Murray Gardnes, Pet Friendly We firstly like to advise people that we have a German Shepherd (Kobi) here on site and although extremely placid and friendly, he does love to play with other furry critters. We also want to make sure that our guests are fully aware that the property, although spacious, is not completely fenced and cars can drive in and out on the many roadways through the property as well. As such, you will have to keep a close eye of your loved one/ones. We don’t mind your pets being inside and we assume if they are inside pets at home, that they would be fully toilet trained and have respect for furniture, etc.

We do ask for a pet bond of $50 which is fully refundable after checkout once we have had an opportunity to clean the room and check that no little surprises have been left for us. The only other concern regarding dogs, is to ask if you can ensure that your dog, will not bark too much. We just have to consider the comfort and enjoyment of all our guests. And in this regard, unfortunately if we do get complaints from other guests regarding the noise or behaviour of your pet, then this will result in a loss of your bond.

While dogs are the most frequent furry visitors to Murray Gardens we also welcome any other non-human members of your family (well maybe not a pet crocodile). Please just let us know about your additional family member so that we are made aware and can allocate the most suitable accommodation for all of you.

I hope all this makes sense. Your bond will be refunded back into your bank account or onto your credit card one business day after checkout to allow us enough time to ensure that there is no damage or excess cleaning required. If you any questions or concerns regarding your pet’s stay with us, please don’t hesitate to call or email anytime.

Here on the Granite Belt there are numerous places that you can take your furry friend for a walk or a swim.  Click our link to find more about Dog Friendly Walks and Swims on the Granite Belt.